90 of 100
After taking a few photos we got to talking and exchanging e-mails so I could send her copies. She gave me her business card. I thought I recognized the name, but she lives in Colorado and I was pretty sure I had never seen her before.

Then I saw the name of the entertainment company she works for. "Wait a minute," I said. "Were you a blonde a few years ago? And did you go by the nickname Ash, and work as a go-go dancer in a beer booth at a one-day event called Street Scene in San Diego?"

Why, yes, in fact.

I never would have recognized her — with different hair, in an expected place, years later, after meeting her one night at a street festival. But I remembered her name because I had taken photos of her that night and e-mailed them to her.

I even used one of those photos (this one) in my Models section on my other photography web site. (But don't wander off there and get lost, there is still good stuff to see here.)

Another one of those small-world things that seem to happen inexplicably often on the playa.


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