Most of these were shot with a Canon Rebel XT with a Tamron 28-200 f.3.8-5.6 zoom lens. About a quarter of them were shot with a little Canon SD400 pocket camera. Sometimes the ability to snap a quick shot while biking is better than missing the moment while fussing around with the big camera.

In one sense taking photos at Burning Man gets harder each year. You find yourself having to reach farther each time for novelty, because despite all the wondrous new art and creations, some things stay the same. Certain objects, costumes, and events have become fixtures. You can only shoot so many fire-spinners before you feel you've exhausted the subject matter.

Thankfully, there are the beautiful, astonishing, ever-changing people. Every face, every body, is a unique work of art. For that reason, with each passing year, I find my photos drifting more toward people. And I think this is good. Because it's the people that really are Burning Man, and coming home with the e-mail address of a new friend beats a cool photo of an art car any day.

So a big thanks to all of you who took the time to smile, or pose, or give your consent to a candid shot that I snapped while you were laughing or daydreaming. You are what keeps me coming back year after year.

Finally, I want to thank Michael Fisher for his keen critical eye, and the wonderful photographer Scott London for his patient advice and endless encouragement.

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img_1659_mod_small.jpg img_1110_mod_small.jpg photo0130_mod_small.jpg img_1459_mod_small.jpg img_1474_mod_small.jpg img_1536_mod_small.jpg
img_1061_mod_small.jpg img_1542_small.jpg img_1072_mod_small.jpg img_1088_mod_small.jpg img_1636_mod_small.jpg img_1746_mod_small.jpg
photo0032_mod_small.jpg img_1766_mod_small.jpg img_1774_mod_small.jpg img_1810_small.jpg photo0019_mod_small.jpg img_1833_mod_small.jpg
photo0016_mod_small.jpg photo0131_mod_small.jpg img_1823_small.jpg photo0025_mod_small.jpg photo0023_mod_small.jpg photo0035_mod_small.jpg
photo0047_mod_small.jpg photo0055_mod_small.jpg img_1098_mod_small.jpg photo0069_mod_small.jpg photo0072_small.jpg img_1235_mod_small.jpg
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