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This may be the coolest freakin' thing I've ever seen.

Officially named Uchronia, unofficially known as The Belgian Project, this monstrosity was soon dubbed The Waffle. (No doubt causing the Belgians to roll their eyes.) As large as an airplane hanger, it was constructed of roughly 40,000 identical 2x3 boards nailed together in a flowing, organic, seemingly random shape. To me it looked like a bird's nest built by a Boeing 747.

It served as a huge techno dance club by night. By day it continued to grow, as those maniacal Belgians nailed more boards to it using cranes and cherry pickers.

In this shot we're peeking through one of the three openings and seeing only a small part of the cavernous interior. This was early in the week. It got bigger.

The anticipation of seeing this sucker burn was greater, for many of us, than the burning of the Man.


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