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DPW Beer Parade—Part Deux
The DPW Beer Parade culminated in a circling of the wagons near the Man for a bawdy festival of drunken revelry. A telephoto lens kept me out of hurled beer bottle range. One highlight involved this car, which could shoot flames from the trunk, and its wild-looking, bear-like driver, who would ignite his vessel, run around to the front, and make a running charge, over the hood, over the roof, and then leap through the flames.

But something went awry. When he tried to turn off the fire, it raged on. Soon someone was shouting over a megaphone, "Get away from this car, it's burning! This is no joke! Get away, you idiots! It's burning for real! Are you fucking retarded? I said get away!"

I backed up and switched to a longer lens.


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